Put yourself in someone else’s shoes – a magic trick that saves relationships


How often do we all have misunderstanding problems, blame each other for so many different little things until it all falls apart? The ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes could save the day if you decide to take responsibility and save your relationships.

We are people, and it’s normal to feel hurt even because of reasons that everyone else finds insignificant. We all have some triggers, which could start a disaster when pushed even a little bit. It’s hard to be reasonable, compassionate or patient when someone gets under your skin. But before you lash out at them for something that might look like a huge event for you, just take a minute.

There’s a person on the other side, too — someone who might not even know how significant the situation or some words they said are to you. So, before lashing out, just try to explain it all calmly. They have their own “anger” and “pain” buttons.” And if you are in rage, you might accidentally or even intentionally press them. That’s how all the most heated fights start, and that’s how many relationships end.

The ability to think is making us humans. By analyzing situations from different angles, you’ll discover a lot of unexpected ways of interpreting them. Of course, everyone’s mind is unique, and you can never be sure about what another person thinks. But even if you know a bit of them, it might be enough to put yourself in their shoes and see things from their perspective.

If your logic and analytical skills are pretty impressive or you are just lucky enough to understand the other side, you have all chances to succeed in any relationship. And even if you’re not there yet, it’s never wrong to ask. If you want to improve as a person and make your relationship work, you have to learn. And a great way to do it it’s asking questions.

So, whenever something feels off, you should find a reason. Put yourself in another person’s shoes and try to find it. Or you can just ask. It’s even better. But don’t let the situation get worse by doing nothing. Unresolved problems will be piling up until it’ll be too much to carry on.

All our life – it is a decision after decision. We often think the choice we make it’s the only one that’s right. But if our actions have an impact on someone else, we should think twice. As much as the decision seems clear and right for us, it might be the opposite for others.

So if the reaction or opinion of someone is important to you, put yourself in that person’s shoes first. Look at their point of view on things like that, think about how the results of your decision will make them feel. Imagine yourself on the other side. What would be your reaction? And then go from there.

The ability to put yourself in their shoes will not only save you from rash and dangerous decisions but also will help you to understand the choices of other people. That might help you to adjust your reaction and save your relationship. Try to understand the reasons behind their actions that hurt you or make you angry. If you do, it might change your perspective entirely.

If you want to be your better self the way you think, it’s the most important thing. It’s how you make decisions and shape your life. You don’t have to think about everyone else when making choices. It’s your life, after all. But if there’s somebody you deeply care about, you should consider their opinions and feelings. The ability to put yourself in the shoes of your significant other, friend, family member or colleague – it’s a gift that’ll improve your relationship. So, find it, keep it and use it for your happiness.

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